Open to interpretation

Different ways of looking and seeing
For many artists this has been a difficult year. The usual art shows and exhibitions have been cancelled, the galleries closed. This has made online selling the new way to promote art and engage with your audience. This led me to add a sales aspect to my website an online payment mechanism, and to a greater focus on promotion through social media.

I took part in an online show with Artists Network Bedfordshire during June and this month in Herts Virtual Open Studios organised by Herts Visual Arts Forum. I’ve also donated some postcard size paintings to the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford who are holding online sale in October.

Meanwhile in the studio, I’ve started work on my series Reflections in Water, in which I’m making colourful textural abstract paintings using a palette knife on canvas. I’ve always been fascinated by the random patterns created as light reflects on moving water. The contrast of busy ripples with calm still water is a metaphor for modern life. In a painting, the spaces between ripples gives your eyes and mind a place to reflect, as in life we need some quiet time to find peace in a hectic day.