Succeeding with New Year Resolutions

How many New Year resolutions have you failed to achieve in the past? For me and many others the answer is ‘countless’. Read more to find an approach that works.
What can you do to be more successful with your New Year Resolutions?

First, think about each resolution as a goal you hope to achieve.
Next, jot down some ideas for your goals, list these in order of importance to you (you may already be partway towards reaching that goal or it may be something new).
Now, follow these 5 easy steps for each of the goals starting with the highest priority:

1 Be specific about what you want to do. How you will succeed with the goal? Are you already doing something related to it? What do you want to do that is different?
2 Think about how you will measure the change you have made – ideally a number that will be easy for you to monitor.
3 Consider how easy it will be for you to achieve this change. How much time will it take?
4 Be realistic about where you will find that time. Do you already have some spare time? Could you stop something to free up some time?
5 Look at the journey you will take to reach your goal and set a time when you hope to get there.

You have just created a SMART goal - one that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited. Now go through the same steps for the other goals. You may have to change your priorities or shorten your list, but better a short list you can achieve than on a long list of failures.

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As an example here are my 2021 goals; I will be talking more about these, reviewing progress - and possibly adding new goals - in future blogs.

1. paint a new portrait – every month
2. post a new blog – at the start of every month
3. improve the online shopping links from my website ( - by February
4. complete my charity commission for @ridehighmk – by March
5. increase IG followers to 500 - by April – and to 1000 - by September
6. paint a new series of 10 expressive abstracts - by April
7. promote my paintings in 3 new places - by September
8. start new community art group in Fairfield – by April