Progress, Failures and Opportunities

Perseverance is key!
How’s it going with the New Year resolutions?

In January, I shared my plan with my ‘smart goals’ approach to new year resolutions. Here is the list as a reminder:
1. paint a new portrait – every month
2. post a new blog – at the start of every month
3. improve online shopping from my website - by February
4. complete my charity commission for @ridehighmk – by March
5. increase IG followers to 500 - by April – and to 1000 - by September
6. paint a new series of 10 expressive abstracts - by April
7. promote my paintings in 3 new places - by September
8. start new community art group in Fairfield – by April.

‘SMART goals’ – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited – so I can plan how to achieve each, schedule time to do what’s needed, and set milestones to check progress.

The good news: I’m on track with goal 1, having painted a portrait in January and February, and even have a third one underway for March. I’ve completed goal 3 and my online shopping now works on the website. And goal 4: I’ve also finished the commission sold to raise money for Ride High MK; the buyer has increased his original donation by 300% and loves the painting so much he ordered three prints of it to give to family and a friend. There is some growth in my Instagram followers but it’s going slowly.

The bad news: as you can see, I failed on goal 2 (I forgot to update on Feb 1 and this blog is for March 1 really) and COVID restrictions may add further delays to the launch of the new art group (goal 8).

I’m optimistic about goal 6 as I paint quite quickly and still have two months to achieve this goal. The portraits and commission work have used up most of my creative energy during the past month. As for goal 7, I’m now promoting my work online with and have signed up for Herts Visual Arts Big Makers Fair which will have a lot of publicity to promote the work shown during March.

I'm also optimistic about getting a popup opportunity in Letchworth through a scheme to be led by Broadway Gallery - fingers crossed on that one!


Since creating my original plans, I’ve added two further linked goals:

9. build an email subscribers list of art lovers – 500 by December 2021
10. send a weekly newsletter to email subscribers

I’ve no idea how easy it will be to build the list. I started inviting people in January and growth is steady.

What’s the advantage?

Email subscribers:

• Get a free weekly email newsletter
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• Receive regular promotional offers (not available to non-subscribers)

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