My favourite art supplies

The materials I use
My work is mostly done on stretched canvas using oil paints, heavy body acrylics or mixed media.

The biggest cost in any of my paintings is usually the canvas, so I shop around to find the best value.

My oil paints are from Daler Rowney's Georgian and Winsor Newton's Winton ranges. I'm gradually switching to Artist Quality Acrylics and trying out Liquitex Heavy Body and Amsterdam Expert.

For each painting, I usually work with a limited set of colours then mix to get others; this helps keep everything in harmony. I like colours in a double primary palette, so there are 2 reds, 2 yellows and 2 blues (warm and cool in each), plus Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White and Payne’s Grey (rather than black). I've a few ‘favourites’ as extras in my kit: Viridian, Sap Green and Purple for portraits, Turquoise and Orange for convenience. I like Atelier Interactive Acrylic in ‘Toning Grey’ and System 3 ‘Wedgewood’, so they are in the toolkit and are great neutral mixers.

I like to work with long handled brushes and have a big selection. There are various sizes and a mix of flats, rounds and filberts from which I select depending on the medium, style and techniques I'll be using, and the subject of the painting. I've tried several makes and have a few favourites. I prefer a quality synthetic rather than bristle. I also use palette knives regularly both to mix and to apply paint, and have a range of sizes and different shapes.

When I’m experimenting, I often use inks and ink-based products, including Liquitex acrylic inks, Brusho crystals, and Inktense pencils and blocks. Soluble watercolour and pastel pencils I use mostly for drawing a composition in a painting, and occasionally for sketching.