Chaos or calm?

Which do you prefer?
I’ve had time this summer to think deeply about what I paint and why I paint it. I’ve decided that there is a link directly back to my career - over 40 years working, often in high pressure busy offices, commuting or travelling to customer sites, meeting deadlines or targets. Sound familiar? Fast forward to 2011 and suddenly I had some calm and free time! I could choose what to do and rediscovered my love of art.

So many of us have experienced the chaos, turmoil and bustle of the modern world. Moments of peace and calm allow your mind to reset - to refresh - to recover. There is a fine balance to be struck.

And the paintings? Through a range of topics I’ve given myself the chance to reflect on life. Those small moments of calm to think “I remember ... this place, this feeling, that person, those things.” To take a deep breath and allow my mind to go back to a special moment and to be grateful for so many happy memories.

My new series of Reflections on water will represent that contrast between calm and busy with hectic ripples and still pools

Where do you find your moments of calm?