About Val Lawson and her art

Who I am and why I paint
An expressive artist working on canvas using acrylics or mixed media, I make colourful abstract paintings that are all about reflections - of light, of mood and of memories - and lively portraits which show the personality of the subject as well as a likeness.

I have a great compulsion to paint and spend time most days in the studio (or managing the admin of my art business). For me, each painting is a 5 step process - a journey from initial idea through planning to completion.

My experiences of life influence my paintings in various ways. For example, my series “Reflections in water” contrasts areas of calm and still amidst hectic ripples. The calm areas allow the eye to stop and rest before moving on in the painting, just as periods of quiet are important within a busy life. My ‘In the forest’ series conjures memories of carefree childhood visits to local parks and woodland, running through the trees and fallen leaves of the autumn.

In 2020 my painting ‘Reflections 4’ was awarded Highly Commended in the SAA Artist of the Year competition. ‘Blue Nude’ was selected for the Letchworth Open Exhibition (online from 9 January 2021).