Val Lawson - Artist

My art, networks, and other interests
WHY DO I PAINT: A lifelong hobby throughout a demanding business career, art is now a compulsion for me. I relish the joy of visual interpreting what I see or imagine.
Painting improves my feeling of well-being: the excitement of 'the chase' in portraying on canvas an image that will trigger an emotional response and bring joy. Each new painting is a journey from initial idea through planning to completion. So, I may be painting, preparing for a new work or managing the admin of my art business – a typical day often includes all of these!

NETWORKS: I’m a great believer in the benefits of networking with other artists and art lovers, and I belong to several networks. Locally, I'm a member of Herts Visual Arts Forum and Artist Network Beds; I exhibit regularly in local art shows. My paintings are also on show at Artisans in the Yard, Shefford, at Bromham Mill Gallery, Bedford and in Hitchin Art Hub, I paint with Sundon Art Group and will be launching the new Fairfield Community Art Group in June 2021.

OTHER INTERESTS: I enjoy playing competitive bridge, cooking, and keeping in touch with family and friends. I read for relaxation, and like pitting my brain against crosswords and other puzzles. I’ve a long standing interest in equality and diversity, and have written blogs on the subject.