Val Lawson - Artist

My art, networks, and other interests
WHY DO I PAINT: “Making art” was a great hobby throughout a demanding business career, now my art practice takes up much of my time.

Painting is a compulsion which makes me feel good. I relish the excitement of creating and the challenge of sharing that emotional response, so my paintings bring joy to me and others.

I enjoy interpreting what I see or imagine, inspired by shapes, patterns, words, emotions and colours. Each new painting takes time as it evolves from a few marks and is developed intuitively.

My growing interest in art and well-being began in 2020 during lockdown. when I began to look at colour psychology and then at Neurographic Art.

NETWORKS: I’m a great believer in the benefits of networking.

I'm an active member of Herts Visual Arts Forum; run Fairfield Art Group; paint regularly with Luton Art Group; and go to demos at Biggleswade Art Society.

EXHIBITIONS AND GALLERIES My paintings are sold through Artisans in the Yard Gallery in Shefford, Hitchin Art Hub and online from my website.

I've paintings in the inaugural exhibition of work at Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce in Old Hatfield, and other work is on show at Wenta Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar and Business Technology Centre in Stevenage.

OTHER INTERESTS: I enjoy duplicate bridge, cooking, and keeping in touch with family and friends. I read for relaxation, and like pitting my brain against Sudoku, crosswords and other puzzles. I’ve a long standing interest in equality and diversity, and have written blogs on the subject.

I started playing lawn bowls in 2022 and am getting many benefits from the exercise. While every day will include a little time spent on my art practice, it may be an hour or so of painting, managing the admin of my art business – or focused on my networks. Some days it's all of these!