Memories to be treasured

Popular commission subjects: 1:A favourite holiday spot
There’s always a nervous moment when you present a finished commission. Will they like it?

For my recently completed commission, the answer was a resounding yes!

This particular commission was the one I donated to Ride High MK for their 2021 annual fundraising auction. It’s always popular and I’ve been supporting the charity for 4 years now.

It was a good test of my revised commission process, although in this case the payment had been made in advance. Extra pressure on me to deliver what’s wanted.

The subject: a family at a favourite holiday spot sounded great, and I was sent an excellent reference photo. Usually I offer a 50 x 40 cm canvas, but the composition clearly needed to be square so in the end it was 60 x 60 cm. I don’t offer group portraits as an option, so explained that I would only suggest features on the people.

Progress on the painting was steady and I sent regular updates to the client with a photo of the work I’d done. Then the final image - the finished painting.

Drum roll....

They love it!

So much so, that I was asked to organise two prints of the whole painting, and one of the little girl with her dog. The attached picture shows the happy customer and the painting.

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Ride High MK is a charity in Milton Keynes helping change children’s lives for the better using horses. Started in 2008 by local horse lover Rachel Medill, the organisation has since helped over 1500 children. Typically children on the margins, struggling with daily life and often desperately sad. Ride High offers a place of consistency, safety, support, friendship and fun. A range of activities beyond riding horses helps these children make changes to their skills, confidence and prospects.

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