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Stories about my life, what goes on in my studio, techniques I use, and what I'm working on.

I love to connect with art lovers who like what I do, but I must confess the news blog isn't posted very regularly. Be sure to get updates from my studio, news about what I'm working on, advance notice of new paintings or promotions, and special offers for subscribers; contact me and sign up for my newsletter. It is sent out 2 or 3 times each month.

Accepted by local gallery


Eagle Gallery, St Peters Street, Bedford ...more

Changes for the Leap Year


Plans for 2024 ...more

Memories to be treasured


Popular commission subject: A favourite holiday spot ...more

Chosen for inaugural exhibition


On the walls in prestigious head office ...more

Captivated by colour


Life isn't all black and white - ask Van Gogh or Georgia O'Keeffe! ...more

The influence of colour


Colour psychology has long been used in marketing, art and design. Now studies are showing its application in other aspects of life. ...more

The end of the rainbow is in sight


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet ...more

Chaos or calm?


Which do you prefer? ...more